Causes of overheating engine

2019-03-27 06:43:29

Cars are at risk of overheating especially during the summer season. Besides the summer heat, some of the other common causes behind overheating are driving in traffic and driving on a steep grade. Your car warranty may provide overheating protection, but you should know how to handle it in case your vehicle overheats while you are on the road.


If you notice that your automobile is overheating quite often, it is best that you get to the bottom of the problem. There are several things to consider if you are experiencing this issue with your car, which are given below:

Stuck Thermostat

The thermostat can get frozen or stuck in its position, hence, obstructing the smooth flow of the coolant to the engine. In order to check that the thermostat is doing fine, then feel the top radiator hose. When you start the car engine, the upper part of the radiator should get warm. If it stays cool, you will need to have your thermostat examined by an auto mechanic.

Radiator Problem

If you do not keep the radiator of your car clean, it can lead to overheating. The radiator comes with metal fins on the exterior for the purpose of expanding the cooling area. After some time, these fins become clogged with dirt, insects and other particles. It is possible to clean the fine fins via the back part of the radiator. If you notice they are somewhat bent, you can straighten them with a hacksaw blade.

When AC is Turned On

If your water pump is malfunctioning, your car is likely to overheat when the AC is on. The pump is a valuable part of the interior cooling system, as it is in charge of circulating the coolant to the engine for the purpose of internal cooling.

Examine the Antifreeze

If your vehicle is overheating when idling, there may be a problem in the circulation of the antifreeze. The antifreeze helps keep the temperature of the engine under control during wintertime, by preventing it from getting frozen. On the other hand, it does the opposite in the summer months, as it regulates the engine getting too hot in these times. Check under the car at least once every month to find out if it is leaving any stains or puddles whenever it is parked.

It is important to have some basic knowledge about automobile problems to save you a trip to the garage and money as well. If the car is still hot , it is better to take it to an auto mechanic for a quick examination.