Avoid over medication with easy steps

2019-05-10 06:09:37

Over medicating usually occurs when a person who has been taking the same medication over a long period of time finds that gradually the body begins to have less and less of a reaction to the drug.


As time goes on it is almost as if this medication is no longer effective and this tempts many individuals to up their dosage without the permission or recommendation of a doctor.

As unfortunate as this scenario is, over the counter medications can often be more serious because they can be bought without a prescription and without any doctor input on the drug being taken or what the doses should be. This will often lead to blatant overuse and abuse by the general public. It is often underestimated by many people as to the potency and toxicity of many of these OTC medications. In the past few years we are seeing a lot of medications that were once attainable only by prescription can now be purchased at any drug store as an over the counter item. These are mostly related to very common health problems such as allergies and head aches.

Never discount the problems that these drugs can still cause, even without a prescription. They still carry the same problem drug interactions and side effects that previously made them a prescribed medicine. They still can be a health threat to the kidneys and the liver if overused or abused by anyone. Always use caution and when buying and using OTC medications, they can be very effective or very destructive to your health and well being if used improperly.

The importance of watching out for over usage or not exceeding the recommended dosage listed on the package cannot be over emphasized. The recommendations are there for a very good reason. Never assume that because they no longer need a prescription, they are less potent or more safe. If you are taking a OTC drug and it is no longer being as effective as you want it to be, visit your doctor and see if they have a prescription equivalent to the drug with a little more potency or maybe switch brands with a different chemical compound makeup. This could safely allow you to safely find a medication that will once again give you some relief without over using or abusing any medications.

Regardless of what medications you are taking , it is very important to take them as recommended and only when necessary. Over use and abuse it continually on the rise and is causing concerns not just in the medical community but also creating problems in our society that starts on an individual level and can only change when each individual becomes more responsible for their actions.