How to create a mobile blog?

2019-09-12 02:00:54

These days, lots of internet users are accessing the web through mobile devices.


These days, lots of internet users are accessing the web through mobile devices.
That includes features phones, smart phones, e-book readers and tablets. And they want your blog to have comfort navigational path that are "thumb-friendly" for tapping. Mobile devices make it possible to pick-up information in the blogs where things are occurring, this technique has become a success. A blogger with a camera mobile phone can publish any web posts from anywhere.

Time is necessarily of the essence to running a blog. As managers of blogs, they must maintain sending updates, posts and comments to keep their audiences eyes-peeled on to the latest events happening in the globe. Mobile blog refer to the comfort of accessing a blog on your cell phone, and adding a post to blog and sending a picture or an audio or video file to your blog, just with the assistance of a mobile phone. This device could be a PDA, mobile phone, laptop, or any tech device that enables for mobility.
Do you know if youíve any internet readers visiting your site through mobile devices?

Do you know if theyíre leaving your mobile blog website because they canít read the text fonts on your website?

You need to make a mobile blog site:

With a mobile blog site, you donít necessity to zoom, squint, or pan to read fonts on sites while using your mobile devices. Most sites unluckily arenít set-up with the mobile phone users in mind. And reading on these blogs can be challenging.

But with more people using tablets and smart phones, website owners now necessity to build the necessary adjustments.
You want blog posts to load quickly - under 3 seconds to be appropriate. And you want the whole website to suit into that the tiny three inch screen on your mobile device. That doesnít mean you extract everything in by shrinking the site down. You would factually need a new web design for mobile users.

You will need to build your blog mobile friendly. Itís not something technical; itís just going to the appropriate place and activating the cell phone template.

Follow these points to turn on the mobile template for your blog----

1. Log in BlogSpot Dashboard and select the settings at the top menu.
2. Then from Settings select "email & Mobile".
3. Here, choose "yes" to turn on the template
4. After then, preview the themes and select the one you like.
5. In the end, once youíre satisfied , you save your current configuration and that would make your blog comfortably to read on mobile phone devices.

The mobile blog have a different display when you viewed with a mobile phone. That way it drives to both groups of readers notwithstanding theyíre accessing the same web address. This way will do your readers happy thatís no matter what the devices they using. Blogs with Mobile can take you to the advanced level of communication where geographical-boundaries donít have limited.