How to avoid injuries during sport activities

2019-08-29 03:55:34

Playing a sport is fun. It releases the mind from too much stress and keeps us physically fit.


Playing a sport is fun. It releases the mind from too much stress and keeps us physically fit. There are all kinds of sports that a person can choose to play.
 There are sports that are as easy as joining a walkathon. Some of the sports take it to the extreme like skydiving. Most of the popular sports like football, basketball, baseball and tennis improve stamina, speed, and hand-eye / foot-eye coordination.

However, there are certain risks involved in playing sport. One of the risks involved in playing sports is the tendency to have an injury. Professional athletes succumbing to sometimes career ending injuries make people realize that if professional players can get injured, how much more a regular person can?

The injuries that a person can have in playing sports oftentimes involve broken bones. While all of bones and fracture related injuries can now be treated by sports and orthopedic specialists, it is better to avoid it through following these simple guidelines for avoiding sports related injuries.

Strengthen the bone through a healthy diet. There are certain nutrients that keep the bone strong. Calcium is the most important nutrient that a person needs to have for strong bones. Magnesium is also important for bone development as it helps the digestive system absorb all the calcium the body needs for strength. Potassium keeps the body alkaline to preserve bone mass. Vitamin D aids in bone strength by increasing bone density. All of these nutrients must be present in a diet in order to have string bones. Vegetables, dairy, and a little morning sunlight will do the trick.

Do a pregame warm-up before playing. No one can undermine the importance of warm ups in a sports game. As it name connotes, warm-ups warm the body up and condition it to adjust to the physicality of the sport. It distributes the oxygen and energy throughout the whole body so that it would be strong. Without warm ups, there is not enough oxygen in the muscles that surrounds the bones, making it susceptible to breakage and tear due to sudden occurrence of stress and impact.

Wear protective sports gear. It is not uncommon to see basketball players wear some sort of edgy accessories during a game. All the fancy sleeves, bands, fingerstraps, and other gadgets that athletes are wearing aside from their uniform are not just for decorative purposes. Notice that it is worn on elbowjoints, wrists, and knees. These are engineered to protect players from injuries. Although these gears would not protect athletes from extreme impact , it acts as additional support to withstand the stress given to bone joints and muscles by the game. It is important to wear these if engaging in full contact sport.

The risk of injury is not a reason for a person not to engage in any kind of sports activity. Following these simple rules would lessen the risk of getting hurt in play. Sports and orthopedic specialists are not just experts in treating injuries acquired in games. These people are also good at providing thorough information on how to be physically fit for play and avoid injuries.