Programs in the land of sunshine

2019-05-20 05:55:52

Miami has no shortage of of nice hotels to stay in. It is a good idea to check around for the best deal, before you finalize your reservation. Time of the year and availability of rooms will make a huge difference on how good the deals are. If you are flexible about the times you are able to visit Miami. Being flexible makes it much easier to get great rates.


You will want to make sure there are no major events in town during you vacation, if there is you will not get a deal. It is normal for the rates to go way up, when something major is in town. Such as the Miami boat show, Dolphins home games, holidays etc.

A very popular area of town to get a hotel in is South Beach. There is a lot of highly rated hotels to choose from in the South Beach area. Both Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue have a big selection of popular hotels.

Tip number 2

Don't be afraid to wheel and deal on the price of a room. You will find many of the hotels are more than willing to offer you a lower price, just to get your business.


The city of Miami is renowned for its variety of ethnic restaurants. Eating in Miami is always exciting, no matter if you are a homebody or an experienced traveler. In Miami the selection of Latin, Cuban, Italian, Brazilian, seafood and any other type of food know to mankind, is nothing short of amazing.

One of my favorite things to do in Miami is to hunt down the mom and pop ethnic restaurants. They are the ones that have the real authentic food, just like you would get in their countries of origin.

Tip # 3

For the best local eateries, ask the local where they dine at. It is amazing how many great places to eat you will find using this technique.

Some of the more famous restaurants in Miami are Joe's Stone Crabs, Emeril's Miami Beach, News Cafe, Cafe Prima Pasta, Azul and Shorty's BBQ to name a few.

Spending a little time to find some of Miami's best home grown places to eat, while you are here. You will find it was well worth the time spent. It will be an awesome story to tell all of your friends when you get home.


Being there is so much to do and things to see in Miami that you will not possibly be able to do them all. So it is very handy if you plan out ahead of time things that are the most important things on your wish list. There is such a large amount of activities to keep you busy. Things such as an air boat or swamp buggy ride in the Everglades. To a exciting night on the city in South Beach and everything in between.

Here are few of the most popular things to do on a Miami vacation:

You can not visit Miami without spending some time at South Beach. It is one of the worlds hottest beaches. On South Beach the fun never stops. On any given day you can find some of the worlds most beautiful people, it is a people watcher's dream come true. The rich and famous like to show off their hottest car along Ocean Drive too, so the cars are phenomenal. At night South Beach is one of the hottest party scenes in the USA. You will experience the best party to be found anywhere.

Seeing the Everglades on an air boat is one of the most popular outback things to do in the area. Miami has several guided tours of the city they are very popular to go on. Tour companies in Miami provide all types of tours. If you want to really see Miami while styling, then hire a Miami limo to take you for a customize limo tour of Miami. A limo tour is actually fairly cheap if you have a group of people going. Riding in a stylish stretch limousine really adds to the sightseeing experience.

Other awesome places to visit in Miami are the Miami Zoo, Jungle Island, The Miami Seaquarium, Biscayne Bay and the celebrity mansions.