Why fasting is healthy?

2019-08-27 02:18:07

Among the worst problems that Americans and many others have is eating too much and sleeping too little.


Among the worst problems that Americans and many others have is eating too much and sleeping too little. Fasting can help people to sleep better and get more sleep. Fasting saves you time and money. Now here is a strange thing. Many people, including medical doctors, will tell you that sleeping is bad for health.

Now you figure that no one would say such a stupid thing. Well they know that it would sound stupid so they do not use those words. They use other words and do not even know that they are saying that sleep is bad for health. Now you wonder how can they not know that they are saying it. They have never reasoned it out.

What people actually say is that fasting is bad for health. But they have never realized that you cannot sleep without fasting. It is impossible! When you are sleeping, you are fasting. When you stop the fast, you "break" the fast. The first meal of the day is called break-fast but it is pronounced as brek-fist.

A recent study showed that while one sleeps, toxins are taken out of the brain at an accelerated rate. This may also be because they are not eating (fasting). Some of these toxins (like amyloid plaque) contribute to dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Fasting has been referred to as "God or nature's operating table." It gives the body a rest or vacation. Some people say that there is no need for a fast since the body is cleansing itself everyday. At the same time that it is cleansing itself, it is also taking in and producing toxins. So there are 2 processes going on in opposite directions. If a person is taking in toxins at a faster rate than he can get rid of them, the toxins build up in the body.

The above is like money. Most people make money and spend money. If you make a lot more than you spend, than you have surplus money. If you spend more than you make, then you have increasing debt. Note again that fasting saves you money. A surplus of money is much better than a lot of debt.

The more toxins that build up in the body, the worse you feel and the more chance of getting health problems. The natural health word for too many toxins in the body is toxemia. So sometimes you do not have a disease that the doctor can find but you feel terrible. The more toxemia, the more terrible you feel. The less toxins in the body, the better you feel. Note that yoga helps your body get rid of toxins. So fasting can make you feel much better.
Here is something that you will not find elsewhere unless people learn this from me. I did a search for it and do not see it. I figured it out. Your heart contracts continuously 24 hours a day. It never gets a break or vacation. If it could, it could use that time to heal and
regenerate. Your colon also contracts continuously 24/7 without ever getting a break. It is called peristalsis. If you fast more than several days, this peristalsis can stop and take a vacation since it is not needed.

Dr. Herbert Shelton (ND, DC) fasted about 40,000 people in his life. With the first 6,000 he gave all of them enemas to clean out the colon. Then he did not do it anymore. He learned that while the colon lies there and does nothing, it is regenerating and healing itself. After this vacation, it works as good as new.

The way that I figured it out that peristalsis stops is after a few days of fasting I would have no need to defecate. Many days later I would break the fast and before I would finish eating, I would need to defecate.

Now food cannot go from your mouth to your colon in an hour. It takes about 24 hours. So while I was eating, the peristalsis would start again. You do not need to be a rocket scientist, like Elon Musk, to see this.

Also many people associate an empty stomach feeling as something being wrong. With fasting you can learn that nothing is wrong with an empty stomach and fasting can help you lose weight the fastest way possible. If you improve your diet, you can keep it off. If you do not improve your diet, then you will go to hell and burn for eternity. Just kidding! You can take the weight off again with fasting.

I have fasted a lot for health but have never been overweight. Philippus Paracelsus, one of the fathers of Western medicine, said "Fasting is the greatest remedy-- the physician within." Dr. Mark Mattson is the current Chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences at the National Institute on Aging and is also a professor of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University.
Dr. Mattson says that fasting makes you stronger, lowers high blood pressure, lowers resting heart rate, reduces inflammation, improves cognitive function so you are better at figuring things out, increases insulin sensitivity (helps you avoid getting diabetes) and makes you more resistant to stress.

Some people that have fasted include Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Mohammed, Pythagoras and Mahatma Gandhi. Mark Twain would fast to get over the flu or cold in the fastest way. 2,000 years ago it was the main method of healing used by Jews. That is why the bible has 74 references to fasting.

The only proven way to get younger and live longer is to consume less calories. Studies on different animals have proven it. In other words, the less you eat , the longer you live. Fasting is an easier way to do this than dieting and not eating as much as you want.