The history of Salamanca

2020-06-26 09:15:33

You can still see the Roman influence to this day in its statues and bridges.


The city was overrun by Visigoths and eventually, like many others in Spain, fell to the Moors. Thus began a battle of tug of war between the Arabs and the Christians who fought to regain the city, at times with success, throughout the period of Arab rule that lasts 8 centuries.

It was King Alfonso VI who finally managed to regain the city for the Christians from the moors. This great European King was responsible for the beginnings of what later became the Salamanca University, for which the city remains famous and has received acclaim throughout the ages.

The period that followed was punctuated by bitter local fighting which divided the city into two rival factions who raged against each other for decades. Despite this, the city was often visited by the Royal Families, and the city was picked as a place of residence by the catholic royal family in late 1505. The city was damaged to a large extent during the Spanish Peninsula War and Napoleon was only driven from the edges of Salamanca at the battle of Arapiles. The city lost many buildings and monuments of historical significance and beauty to damage and destruction. Despite this turmoil and upheaval, the University of Salamanca remained a constant in the lives  of the locals. 

The city of Salamanca boasts also a great literary and arts scene including the beautiful Plateresque style of beautiful colours. Thanks to the prominent role of the University in Salamanca, the city has been able to take advantage of the knowledge of many of its students throughout the ages, which have contributed to the development of the city. 

The University is fully integrated into the modern city and provides a mainstay source of income to the town. It is also a large tourist attraction and the most popular site to visit when in the town. If you are looking to soak up the unique atmosphere of location villa lloret university town then grab a good book and head down to the stunning Plaza major where you will be able to take in the views, do some people watching and blend in with the locals.